What Men Should Wear To A Club To Attract Women

what to wear to a club men

Whether you are getting ready for a dinner date or just casual clubbing, many men tend to wear whatever feels comfortable and easy for them, but that might be their probable reason for being single. Sometimes being too casual can make you look below average and lower your chances of getting into any relationship.

Let’s explore what to wear at the club for better chances to grab the attention of hot girls.

Casual blazer

I always suggest many people to have a collection of some good blazers, you can wear them almost everywhere, whether you are preparing for the office meeting or dinner date or casual club visits. If you are trying to have a professional look then you better pair a blazer with nice formal shirt and trousers, and if you are planning to wear it at the club then you can just put a blazer on a casual t-shirt with denim and boots.

what to wear to a club men
Leather jacket

Leather jackets are sexy, and they are an all-time favorite of many ladies. If it’s cold then you can pair up the leather jacket with white t-shirt and denim. You will get the much required masculine look that many women crave for. 

Polo with chinos

If you are a Polo lover then it’s better to combine it with some good quality chinos, chinos come in many different colors and so does polo t-shirts. Combine that polo t-shirt and chinos with sneakers to get the best of your look. 

Denim shirt

Denim shirts never get out of fashion, women love it because of the masculine look it gives to men, you can wear denim shirts with denim or trousers but don’t forget to wear your best boots with it.

Buttoned slim fit shirt

Wearing just a well fitting shirt can do the work for you; only thing is you should be in good shape. If you have some fate deposition on your belly then you should preferably wear a casual blazer to make yourself look elegant and sophisticated.

Great pair of shoes

Shoes are important, sometimes the bad selection of shoe can turn her off. Women are very cautious about shoes and she is going to check them out for sure. Make sure you maintain a nice pair of classic boots, sneakers, and loafers. You can wear nice boots with a buttoned shirt or denim shirt and sear those loafers with the casual blazer.