What fashion is in and what is out for Fall 2018

autumn flowers

Fall is almost here and we need to know the kind of fashion for women that will make us look hot. There may be things in your closet that you may want to hold on to. However, not everything is going to make you look stylish. You need to be with it and get rid of some of it. This is the time to clear out your wardrobe and replace those pieces with some that will make you look the part.

So here is some insight into the fashions of the season.

Women wear that is OUT this fall

Millennial pink

mother and daughter in pink

Yes. We all loved the millennial pink in 2017. But its gotta go. How about you upgrade your wardrobe with other shades that will make you pop!


When we are talking about fashion for women this autumn, then sweaters shouldn’t be in the same sentence.

Leather Jackets

I know… we all love them. But how about giving that heavy jacket a break. I am not saying you toss it. Just keep it somewhere for later.

Women wear that is IN this fall

Check prints

woman in plaid coat

Be it pants, skirts, shirts or jackets, the check print is what to rock this fall. It has been on the runway and trust me, it looks great on anyone, despite age or body type.

Lavender is the fashion for women color to try out

If you are tired of the millennial pink, then its time to try lavender. Its the new color in town and quite a number of designers used it on the runway. Plus it will perfectly spill over to spring.

Animal Prints

These will definitely never go out of season. And since most designers are giving up using fur on their coats, then these prints are replacing that. Bring out the roar in you.