Things to consider when picking your outfit

stylish pair posing for a picture

Picking the right outfit for your date

stylish pair posing for a picture

Often it can be an exhausting and time-consuming exercise when it comes to selecting what you intend to wear on a first date. The act of choosing date outfits can leave people frustrated and stressed even before the date begins. Here, we have provided what we hope are some handy tips to make selecting an appropriate outfit that much easier.

Understand the date setting

Prior to selecting a desirable outfit for your date, it is essential to be aware of the date setting and what is involved. You don’t want to be wearing high heels if you are going on a river cruise in a kayak or a hike through the bush! Ensure that you have rung your partner and that you understand what the date will entail.

Dress to suit the time of day


Try to make sure you are matching the occasion, if you are meeting up for a lunchtime date at a café then make sure not to dress in evening wear. Likewise, if you are grabbing a bite in the evening unless it’s a cheap meal at an inexpensive venue, make sure not to arrive in casual attire. An obvious one, but one that many people seem to overlook.

Wear clothing that suits your shape and style


While you’ll seriously struggle to change your body shape, one thing that is easy to do is wear clothing that not only suits your shape but also leaves you feeling comfortable and confident. Similarly, if you convey a hipster vibe then make sure to choose appropriate clothing, it’s going to be an unusual look if you appear to be a walking contradiction in style.

Don’t just focus on your clothing


While it can be easy to get lost in your wardrobe, please do not neglect personal grooming during the preparation stage. There is absolutely no point dressing to the nines but arriving unshaven, absent of fragrance and with ungroomed hair.

Dress for the season


Winter, Spring, Summer, Fall, the time of year will dictate what style of clothing you need to wear. For winter ensure you add layers and wear warm fabrics, sweater, jackets and layered undershirts are essential. For spring with the temperature still not warm, layers remain important but switch from heavier fabrics to linen or cotton. Summer is the chance to wear bright colors and short sleeves, Capri pants and dresses. Finally, for fall, choose long-sleeved shirts and comfy pants but consider a leather jacket.

We hope the suggestions above will help. What are your tips when choosing an outfit for a date? Let us know!