5 tips to ensure you make a lasting impression

black man interviewing black woman for job

black man interviewing black woman for job

Whether on a date or attending a job interview, it is crucial that you leave a lasting memory on the person whom you are meeting. Here are our five tips on how to make an impression that will be remembered long after you have left the room.

1.      Practice your communication skills

couple on date not listening to each other

Evaluate yourself. If you feel like you have deficits in the areas of communicating with others practice with your friends. If you have trouble getting the words out, then sit down with some friends and talk away. Listen to their feedback and take their advice on board. Keep practicing, the more you talk the easier it will get when in unfamiliar territory.

If you see yourself as a poor listener, then practice listening. A good tip is to intensely (but not creepily) watch the other person’s lips. You will find yourself retaining much more of what is being said than what you would if you were to look elsewhere.

2.      Shop smart


When deciding on what to wear for your date or interview make sure that you shop smart. There is no reason over-dressing for a job that doesn’t require such glamour. Be in no doubt that there is such a thing as being too overdressed.

The same goes for dating. There is no logical reason to wear a tight skirt and heels if you are going on a date to an amusement park. Make sure to purchase clothes that suit the setting.

3.      Don’t convey the fear of failure

black woman frustrated by her failure

Most people who are meeting another in a date or interview environment have experienced failure. The other party is well-aware of this. It is not unusual. What you need to do is convey confidence in yourself despite any setbacks that you may have experienced previously.

You will be tremendously advantaged if you can display a demeanor of confidence despite past failures and this will shine brightly throughout your conversation. Be confident, Feel confident and you will certainly appear confident to those who are sitting in judgment of you.

4.      Research subjects to talk about

Nothing is more awkward or uncomfortable in a meeting than silence. If you can bypass these moments, you’ll have a huge advantage. The best way to ensure awkward silences are avoided is to research topics of discussions and questions you would like to ask.

Doing so will not only fill the void but will make you look very prepared which is a major advantage that you will have over your competition.


5.      Dress bright

happy black woman wearing bright blue dress

Finally, it’s very tempting to wear darker clothing but in both the dating world and the business world, brighter colors illustrate confidence. On a date try a pale pink to give off romantic signals. In an interview consider wearing blue, which has been known to make people think you’re trustworthy. Be brave in your choice of clothing and you’ll have a definite advantage.