From stilettos to knee high boots – what’s hot and not for 2019

knee high boots

Choosing the right pair of shoes not only important to look good but it is also equally important to make yourself comfortable with. First, decide the occasion the and the amount of time you are going to wear that footwear. All footwear is not equally comfortable, let’s talk about the best footwear selection for different occasions.

Beaches :

When talking about beaches prefer flip-flops or something that is lightweight and that dries quickly. We would suggest you choose some floral print footwear to some glittering pair of slipper or flip-flops.


If you are a travel lover and leaving your place for hiking trip then prefer shoes over any other kind of footwear. You can wear your hiking shoes or casual sneakers, both will prove to be comfortable while hiking.

Date/ Parties:

Before going on date or leaving for parties keep in mind the place of the event.
Stilettos :

knee high boots
knee high boots

Stilettos can be described in two words “Sexy and Glamours”  these pencil heels shoes definitely add glamour to your look and personality. These chick pair of shoes are available in a variety of shades and style that would definitely make everyone around to turn their head.

Wedges: Wedges are my personal favorite option to choose from the variety of footwear. These chick pair of shoes not only increases your height but provide a maximum level of comfort. When compared to stilettos wedges are a more comfortable option while dancing or traveling.

Ballerina: For the long girls out there or whomsoever willing for cool and equally comfortable option while leaving, a ballerina is one of the most trending options that can be paired with denim or dresses and suits almost any kind of occasions. If you prefer to look cute over sexy pick a pair of Ballerina.

Boots: If you are out for winter party then Boots are of a great option. These pair of shoes would not only give you a classic look but also keep your body warm. If you are preferring to wear short length dress then go for “over the knee boots” that will keep you warm in chilling winter and would definitely give you a chic look. If you are planning to go with a pair of denim then prefer short boots.

Wedding Bells:

If you are planning to buy footwear for some wedding functions then choose some glittery pair of footwear. If your attire is western then go for a pair of glittery wedges or stilettos and if you are planning to wear some traditional outfit then choose medium heels or you can give a try to mojris.