Fashion Advice For Black Men Who Are Looking For Dating Success

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The first date is always crucial because you need to put your best impression in front of her, apart from knowing what to say verbally it’s necessary to look good and impress her with your dressing sense.

Most of the first dates involve a lot of judging; especially when you are you both are meeting for the first time on your date. The first impression is something that she is going to remember for a long time and make sure you put the best impression.

One of the biggest thing women expect from men before getting ready for a date is putting some visible efforts to look good, they spent a lot of time in self-grooming and deciding what to wear for a first date with you and she expects some efforts from you as well, researching on “fashion advice” is the first step to put some effort in looking your best and we appreciate it.

Now let’s get our discussion started on fashion advice for black men to improve your chances of getting success.

Dress-up according to the place and occasion

One of the most important things to take care of it the occasion, whether you are going on a coffee date or a dinner date. I have come across many black men who dress up like a dinner date on a casual coffee date and that make things go in the wrong direction.

Your whole outfit should depend on the place which you finalized for the date and it should reflect your personality.

Swap those t-shirts with buttoned shirts

Stop wearing those casual t-shirts on your date, wearing casual round neck t-shirt is the instant mood killer for most of the ladies. They are expecting you to put some efforts to look your best. Most of the black men are built great and they have great personalities, thanks to your strong genetics. But she is still expecting you to look charming and elegant, and wearing a nice buttoned shirt is the best thing you can do.

Expensive doesn’t matters but fitting does

There are two kinds of men: one who doesn’t put much effort into styling and dress and the one who spend hell lot of money in expensive wardrobe. Although, both are wrong.  Ladies do expect you to wear something elegant but they are not expecting you to spend money on expensive clothing. You need to pay attention to the fitting of cloths instead of the price of clothes. Some women complaints that men who wear loose trousers remind them of their father, don’t try to wear anything skinny but try for well-fitted clothes.

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Formals do the work

If you are going on a first coffee date or lunch date then its great idea to opt for the formal shirt and trousers instead of casual jeans and t-shirt.

Wearing good fitted formal wear will give her the feeling of your professionalism and financial independence. While choosing the formal outfit, look for the slim fit shirt and elegant trousers paired with polished high formal shoes.

But if you are planning for the casual museum or park date then you can choose to wear Polo T-shirt with perfect fit khaki or chino paired with decent sneakers.


Good cologne is something that makes her turn-on instantly; wearing a great fragrance is something not many of us are aware of. Nothing can be worst than bathing yourself in cologne just to impress her.

Best way to apply cologne is not to directly spray at one spot, but the spray is from the distance of at least one foot away, most of the good cologne is very concentrated and they are not meant to be applied on a single spot.

Mind your shoes

Shoes are something that you should definitely pay attention to, many people are aware of the fact that women are obsessed with good footwear, and they pay close attention to every shoe around them. We all know that most of the women possess a long range of footwear and that got them into the habit of checking the footwear, and men tend to neglect the shoe.

If you are going on your much-awaited date then you should never take your shoe for granted, they should be clean and polished well. We are not expecting you to buy a new pair of shoes but at least send them to shoe laundry before you wear them.