About Us

Black fashion advice for men and women

black woman posing by the sea

As graduates in the fashion industry, we often found during our studies that fashionwear designed specifically for black men and women was everywhere but that our friends had no idea that such styles existed!

It was with this experience and insight that we decided to launch this site as a means of helping black men and women identify styles designed specifically for them and how to incorporate such fashion into their everyday lives. 

Our background

two black women who have been friends for life

We are two women, Cherly and Rhonda, who have been friends from the moment we first met in fashion school at NYU. That very first meeting was more than 10 years ago and in the years since we have both had success within the fashion industry.

Cherly has been a fashion writer for the past 7 years and she has written in all formats, magazine, internet, and television. Her knowledge of fashion is second to none and she has been exposed to many different styles through many different vocations. 

Myself, Rhonda, have worked behind the scenes on NY catwalk shows for the past 8 years. I have mixed with celebs, some of them the most well-known African American models out there and have been able to gain insight into what styles they like to wear in many different situations that they undertake in life. Whether on the catwalk, on a movie set or on the streets. 

We hope to educate and inform

Our goal for this blog is to give African-American men and women fashion advice relating to the latest trends, as well as advice on what to wear in many different situations. From fine dining experiences to first-dates, to that first job in the corporate world, we hope to provide much insight in a way that is both informative and entertaining.  

So take a look around. We hope you enjoy the site!