Bret Trigg 2 Is Enough

BMX team rider Bret Trigg has been filming quite a bit for his latest edit. We had two clips left over so we put them together in this 2 is Enough Promo.

Moving out with Bret Trigg

We caught up with fellow BMX team rider and filmer Bret Trigg recently for a quick interview before he headed back to his new home in Melbourne.

ET – Hello Bret David Trigg!

BT – Hello Patrick!

ET – So iv’e heard you just made the move to Melbourne? Tell us about that?

BT -Yeah I have just recently moved to Melbourne. About 3 weeks ago  Matt Whyatt, Andrew Ahumada and myself got a house in Wyndham Vale (Geelong Side of
Melbourne). Quite a big surprise to myself to be calling those
two my house mates. Not in a bad way of course. haha.

ET – Why the big move?

BT – The reason for me moving was I’d been offered a position at
Rampfest Indoor Skatepark. A couple of friends had recently brought
Rampfest and wanted me on board to bring the place back to life. At
first, I was really hesitant to the idea. As I’d never moved out on
my own before. I barely know how to cook, so it was a big desicion to
make. After some thought I went with it, definitely a hard desicion
leaving all the great people I had surrounding me in Warrnambool but I
knew it was a great career choice with my filming so I did it.
3 weeks into living here I’ve finally spent a full week in my bed. Not
travelling away for work has been good.

ET – Sounds like you made the right choice! Everytime i talk to you
your on some adventure in another state, your a busy man Triggy! What
does your average week consist of?

BT – Yeah as of late I’ve been flat out, travelling nearly every week.
It’s hard to say an average week. But usually Monday – Tuesday are
spent editing the week befores footage, catching up on emails, paying
bills and sending out invoices. Wednesday – Friday i usually work at
night so if I’ve covered all my work, I’d try either sleep in and
chill or try go for a ride! Weekends are usually spent interstate
filming, but as of late I’ve been home for the weekends. Some weekends
I’ll be working, some weekends I’ll go riding with my mates. Living
with two of Australia’s best riders will most definitely help me
progress my riding, so I’m stoked to be able to ride with Matt and
Miniso often. But really there’s no average week for me. haha. Jobs
and other opportunities are always randomly popping so each week is


ET- Like i said, very busy dude! What are your plans for the rest of this year? Do you have any goals for yourself to reach?

BT – Plans for the rest of the year. Basically just see where my filming takes me. I’m sure there will be plenty of awesome opportunities rise once the weather clears up. Goals for myself, yeah I do have a few. One is definitely to learn to cook sweet meals. Another is to keep saving to set myself up for the future and hopefully by the end of 2012 film another new edit that will hopefully get people stoked. A lot of ideas just got to make it happen really. Haha

ET – It all starts with an idea ay! Definitely keen to see another edit by the end the year tho! Is there anyone you want to thank for helping you out this year?

BT – That’s it! You just built of an idea in your head. Thank you’s, hmmm where do I start. A huge thanks to my family for the unforgiving support towards me. All my mates. Nickfrom Impurity Bike Co for helping me out with a bike and parts. Pat from Enough Threads, has been forever helping me out, supplying me with the freshest wardrobe I could everask for. Stoked to be apart of a rapidly growing company with the right people behind it.

ET - Wooo whoo! Thanks for the catch up bro talk soon!

Bret Trigg fresh new edit!

The man that goes by the name of Bret Trigg has been know for his editing and filming work. But has also been shreding on the bike lately. Bret teamed up with Kurt Teague and us to produce something fresh and punchy. Bret has put so much into this clip and it shows! He is always learning new tricks and his style is flawless. What are you reading this for, watch the clip!

Caught up with Bret last week and shared some good vibes! Check out the photographs below by Ben Hill

Daniel Thompson – 2012

Late last year we added young grom from the south coast Daniel Thompson to our bodyboarding team. The kid has a lot of potential and I am continuously impressed by his progress in the water and his mind set towards bodyboarding. DT featured in our newest advertisement in Riptide Bodyboard Mag with a unique single page.

I asked Daniel to give us all a rundown of what his been upto in 2012.

‘Well i’ve been traveling alot this year with my mates and a filmer Alex Wira. Been trying to get amougst most of the good sessions on the South Coast and so far this year the waves have been pretty sick.’

‘I am currently working on a new clip at the moment and am really trying to make this one stand out. So much effort and good times have went into making this clip and am just amped to see what the rest of the year holds for me. Heres some framies from the clip, which should be out mid september 2012. Enjoy!’ -D.T


Doug Smith – Competitions

I have been up in Port Macquarie competing in the IBA Global Qualifying Series (WQS) event.

I’ll give you a quick run down of the tour.

The top 24 of the Global Slam Series (GSS) is the mens world tour event, each year tehy are ranked overall and at the end of each year the bottom 8 of the 24 get replaced with the Top 8 of the GQS.

Your overall ranking for the GQS is determined by the best trials result for a GSS, and stand alone competition for a GQS (like Port Macqaurrie) and your best nation result.

So this Port Macquarie was a big event. I didn’t do so good, but this is only my first year of serious competition.

I was pretty devasted because I am orginally from Port Mac so I thought I had a “home advantage” but if your going up internationals, you have to step your game up. Here are a few shots from the competition.

-Doug Smith


Bret Trigg Update

It’s good to get feedback for all our team riders on what they have been upto! Hopefully this becomes a weekly thing, first up is our filming/BMX rep and team rider, Bret Trigg!

“Australia Day I headed up to Melbourne for a few days to do some riding with Andrew Ahumada. We just mainly rode Rampfest Indoor Park in Braybrook. Lucky for us, each session we rode very few people were riding. It was good being able to ride with just a few mates. I learnt a few things i’d been wanting to do for a while, I also got another clip filmed for my new Enough Threads team rider video so i was happy with that.

Saturday Andrew and I along with Matt Whyatt & Shanon Farrugia headed up to Connections Jam in Bendigo, It was super hot but was still a good day of riding. We then headed back into Melbourne for Sam Moore from Fist Handwears birthday party. We hit up Lygon Street and City and had a good night, then i had the good old 3 hours drive home to Warrnambool on Sunday. Haha. I hope you all had a good Australia day weekend too, because I sure did.” -Bret Trigg